Surveying with Site Scan Field

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Upon opening the app, you are sent to the map view. Here you can see the telemetry information on the top, the live video feed on the top-right, and the aircraft location (when GPS connection is established).


Planning a Survey 

To create a new survey, click the blue button on the bottom. This will create a predefined square mission on the screen.


Statistics on the bottom show how long the mission is expected to take, the estimated ground sampling distance of the photos, the acreage, and the number of photos expected to be taken.

Tap and hold the survey to move it, or grab the corners to move the vertices around. You can create new vertices by grabbing the small circles in between each vertex. On the bottom of the screen is an undo and redo button.

Use the altitude buttons on the left to change the survey height. Increasing the altitude will decrease flight time and number of images, but will also decrease the resolution of the images.

The button below the altitude selectors will change the “hatch angle”: the direction the aircraft will fly the mission. Choose a hatch angle that decreases the amount of turns in the survey, as this increases the time it takes to acquire.


Flying the Survey

To begin flying the planned survey, hit the green “Fly Survey” on the bottom of the screen. This will introduce a checklist while the system goes through and makes sure the aircraft is ready to fly.

Slide the ball to the right to takeoff.

Solo will takeoff and climb to the desired altitude. The camera will point nadir once it reaches this altitude.

Solo will fly the path noted on the screen. The dots will turn white after the aircraft has passed that checkpoint.

A progress bar on the bottom of the screen indicates the progress of the mission, while the numbers at the bottom shows the number of photos taken vs the number of photos required for the mission.

During flight you can pause the mission by pressing the pause button on the bottom right of the screen.

After the survey is complete, the aircraft will return straight to home.

After landing, the app will retrieve the flight data from the aircraft. This may take a few seconds to complete.

After the flight data has been retrieved, the app will display the number of photos taken and geotagged.


Jobs Page

After the flight is retrieved, a job notification will appear on the upper left of the screen. Clicking on this button will open the jobs page.

You can rename the job by clicking on the ellipses (...) on the top right.

To wirelessly retrieve the images from the camera, press the blue “Get Images” button at the bottom.

After the download is complete, the button changes to an “Upload to 3DR Cloud” button. Connect to the internet to upload the images.

After the upload to 3DR is complete, white checkmarks will appear on all the images.


Process Job

To process the job, log into and log in using your Site Scan account.

Click on the job you want to process, and click the “Process Job” button.

This will ask you to log into your Autodesk account. After logging in, select what data types to export.

After processing is complete, the data products will be available for download.

Surveying with Site Scan Field from 3D Robotics on Vimeo.