Caching basemaps with Site Scan Field

3DR Support -

It is helpful to cache basemaps inside of Site Scan Field before heading on site. Internet may be spotty, the tablet may not be LTE enabled, or you just understand the value of preparation.

  1. When connected to the internet, navigate to the area you would like to fly and wait for the tiles to load at each zoom level.
  2. Your tiles are now cached until your iPad run out of memory allocated for Site Scan. This is difficult to forecast, so we recommend refreshing tiles before each trip out to the field.

The images below should provide a clearer idea of how this works. The basemaps that are served in Site Scan are tiled to enable rapid zooming and manipulation. Each zoom level is thus a different set of files to download. Here, I zoomed in on the Duane Physics at University of Colorado where I spent many happy hours as an undergrad and returned to that area without an internet connection.

Notice that I have not recently planned a mission outside of North America, so those tiles are not visible without an internet connection.

Likewise, the border between zoom levels I pulled is clearly visible. If I had wanted to capture the Rocky Mountain tiles (at left) at this zoom level, I would have navigated to the area while connected to the internet.

Despite being disconnected, with the maps cached I can plan my mission at the highest zoom level.

3D tiles can also be cached.


Caching basemaps with Site Scan Field from 3D Robotics on Vimeo.