Manually taking oblique images with R10C and Site Scan Field

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Many customers have expressed interest in taking both nadir imagery autonomously, as is currently supported, and taking oblique images manually. These oblique images can be used standalone or incorporated into the photogrammetry process to include the orthomosaic, mesh, or model that is generated. In this case, nadir imagery is generally not sufficient to build an accurate point cloud of a site that contains vertical surfaces, so augmenting the autonomously collecting nadir imagery with manually collected oblique imagery allows customers to create beautiful models like the one below.

We are releasing a delightful feature in a future update that will make this process much easier, but, for now, follow the steps below.

  1. Set up a "New Survey" from within Site Scan Field.

  2. Take off using the "Fly Survey" button.

  3. Press "Pause" to pause the survey and "FLY" on the controller to exit Survey Mode and enter Fly Mode. You will see Site Scan Field surface an error.

  4. Fly around manually using the control sticks and gimbal paddle. To take an image, depress the gimbal paddle. Land manually or by pressing the Home button on the controller or within Site Scan Field.

  5. After landing, the images get pulled from the vehicle to the iPad in exactly the same manner as before.

    Note: the expected number of images will correspond to that expected by the original survey, so you will usually see a "Survey Partially Complete" warning.

  6. Upload the images to Site Scan Manager or view them from within Site Scan Field

  7. Once uploaded to Site Scan Manager, your images can be accessed from any device, can be visualized on a map, and processed into an ortho, mesh, or point cloud using the Autodesk ReCap service that is included with your Site Scan subscription.

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