Why is it that one of the telemetry radios has a solid red led all the time and it is not working?

Lexie -

This might be caused by a corrupted firmware on the telemetry radio. Re-install the firmware, as described in the next procedure: 


Using mission planner: 

  1. Connect the telemetry radio to the computer, select the serial port and 57600 bauds, don't hit connect yet. 
  2. Go to Initial setup >optional hardware >3DR Radio. 
  3. Click upload firmware (local). 


    APM planner doesn't have an upload firmware option, but MAC users can try the next procedure in a terminal: 


    1. wget http://firmware.diydrones.com/SiK/stable/radio~hm_trp.ihx  
    2. wget http://smaccmpilot.org/artifacts/sik_uploader.py 
    3. sudo easy_install pexpect 
    4. python sik_uploader.py --port ENTER_SERIAL_PORT_HERE(i.e. /dev/cu.usbserial-DN0019TF) --baudrate 57600 radio~hm_trp.ihx 

     If the firmware upload doesn't correct the problem then the telemetry radio is damaged or defective. 

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