Georeferenced RCS into AutoCAD Civil 3D

Javier Sosa -

I. Changing Point Cloud Coordinate System and importing a georeferenced Point Cloud to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017

  1. Process and then download the LAS output file from Site Scan Manager

  2. Open Recap 360 and select, “Scan Project”

  3. Name your new project and click, “Proceed”

  4. Drag and drop or select the LAS file to be imported

  5. Go to “Scan Settings” and select “Advanced”

  6. Decimation click “OFF”, Choose “Target” Coordinate system (Click “Ok”)

  7. Import files → Index Scans

  8. Wait until “Loading Scans” reaches 100% → Launch Project→ Save and close

II. Inserting Georeferenced *.RCS into AutoCAD Civil 3D

  1. Open AutoCAD Civil 3D (2017)
    In “Toolspace → Settings”, right click on “DrawingName” → Edit Drawing Settings

  2. Set CRS (Must be same as Point Cloud) and set Drawing unit to “Meters” (even if the chosen CRS is in Feet) → Apply, OK

  3. Insert → Point Cloud → attach

  4. Select “RCP” file, uncheck all boxes except “Zoom to point cloud” if desired, and “Use geographic location” (if “Use geographic location” is grayed out, continue without selecting it, your point cloud will still locate itself properly) → OK

  5. To verify if location is correct: Geolocation → turn on “Map Aerial” (under “Map Off”)

  6. Drawing units can now be reset to the appropriate unit (See Section II, Step 2)
    In “Toolspace -> Settings”, right click “DrawingName” → Edit Drawing Settings.

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